One of our goals is to communicate transparency. We want to achieve this by publishing our research results publicly on different communication channels, e.g. in the form of YouTube videos. Here you can find an overview of our videos thus far. Make sure to check in regularly as we will expand this in the future!

TRR 266 Explanimation

What is the TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency about? What do we do and what are our goals? Find out in this short explanimation video!

TRR 266 Forum 2022

Lively discussions and exciting insights – at the TRR 266 Forum on 19 May 2022 at ESMT Berlin researchers, regulators and practitioners had an intense exchange on burning reporting, taxation, controlling and corporate transparency issues. They discussed challenges and solutions from different viewpoints and in different formats, such as panels, breakout sessions, interviews and presentations. In this playlist some of the speakers and participants will tell you about their insights and their highlight of the event.

TRR 266 Annual Conference 2021

Three days full of exciting research insights and intensive exchange – the third Annual Conference of the TRR 266 was hosted by Paderborn University. Since its start in 2019 the TRR 266 organizes an Annual Conference to share and discuss research results and provide an arena for and exchange and cross-pollination between research projects.

Transparency Insights: TRR 266 researchers talk about their projects

Why is transparency important? And what costs does it entail? How does it affect firms, politicians or consumers? And what kind of information do these actors need to make better informed decisions?
Our TRR 266 researchers deal with these and further questions from many different angles. In short interviews they reveal what their research is about – and how it could make a difference. The first researchers have already answered our questions. More will follow.

Tax complexity, uncertainty, and trust: Effects of Corporate Taxation

If someone were to ask you, “How do you rate your personal tax burden?” What would you answer? Reasonable? Too high? Too low? And if you were then asked, “How much tax did you actually pay last year?” What amount would you name? A recent study by TRR 266 shows: Estimated tax burdens often differ significantly from actual tax burdens. In this video TRR 266 researcher and spokesperson Caren Sureth-Sloane makes clear how important tax research is (Video in German).

Research Seminar on Corporate Transparency

TRR 266 Researcher Joachim Gassen held a PhD and Master level course on corporate transparency research, which was offered by the TRR 266 at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The sessions were recorded and can be viewed in one playlist on our YouTube channel.

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