COVID-19: TRR 266 Research Insights

Addressing the economic challenges caused by COVID-19

How can we minimize long-term damage to the economic system caused by COVID-19? A question that currently occupies the minds of our politicians, policymakers, CEOs, professionals and citizens. A question to which there is not just one answer, but that needs to be broken down into sub questions and requires careful reflection from different perspectives. We therefore asked our researchers – a group of more than 100 researchers who specialize in taxation and accounting and have different methodological backgrounds – to share their thoughts regarding this burning question. The result: a collection of articles based on current and previous research, ranging from business- to country-level and from economic consequences to standard setting. We hope this collection will offer helpful insights for businesses and politics, and helps the world address these challenging times.



German Business Panel Reports


How the crisis increases the need for corporate transparency: Interview with researcher Dirk Simons (Video in German with English subtitles)

Nina Schwaiger talks about management controls and how working from home changed management strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this explanatory video you can learn more about why transparency is important in regards to Covid-19, other crises like the Ukraine war, sustainability, tax systems and disclosure regulations.

In the News

More about Covid-19 and other current crises

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