Our guests

Naturally, the TRR 266 values exchange with the international scientific community and representatives from business and politics. We are very pleased to welcome many international guests throughout the years.

We are pleased to have welcomed many long-term and short-term guests over the last years. Our guests often visit us for just one or a few days – for example as presenters in our TRR 266 Seminar Series. In addition to these valued guests there are several researchers who visit us for a longer period of time as a long-term guest or through a Mercator Fellowship. If you are interested in a research stay with the TRR 266 or a Mercator Fellowship, you can find our opportunities here

Mercator Fellows

Svenja Dube
Fordham University
Mercator Fellow Visit website

Harm Schütt
Tilburg University
Research Fellow A07 H.H.Schutt@tilburguniversity.edu

Chung-Yu Hung
The University of Melbourne
Mercator Fellow


The Mercator Fellowship is a scholarship within the DFG’s funding program. More information about the scholarship as well as interviews with our TRR 266 Mercator Fellows can be found here

Long-Term Guests

Jillian Adams
University of Waterloo
Visiting Scholar 2022

Janja Brendel
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research Fellow B02 janjabrendel@cuhk.edu.hk

Christoph Endenich
ESSEC Business School
Visiting Scholar 2021

Darci Fischer
Boston University
Visiting Scholar 2023

Oliver Hegers
University of St. Gallen
Visiting Scholar 2020 Visit website

Martina Rechbauer
University of Graz
Visiting Scholar 2019 Visit website

Zhi Wang
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Visiting Scholar 2019


Long-term guests have visited the TRR 266 for an extended period of time or at least more than two weeks to collaborate with TRR 266 members on a joint research project. 

Short-Time Guests

Harald Amberger
WU Wien

Markus Arnold
University of Bern

Ulrich Atz
New York University

Oliver Binz
Duke University

Jennifer Blouin
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Burks
University of Notre Dame

Richard Cazier
University of North Texas

Peter Easton
University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Evans
University of Stirling

Peter Fiechter
University of Neuchatel

Henry Friedman
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Beatrice García Osma
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Robert Göx
University of Zurich

Nathan Goldman
NC State University

Luzi Hail
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Dominik Katzer
University of Würzburg

Kenneth Klassen
University of Waterloo

Saskia Kohlhase
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Lisa Koonce
McCombs School of Business

Nico Lehmann
Humboldt University of Berlin

Christian Leuz
Chicago Booth

Sofia Lourenco
Lisbon School of Economics & Management

Daniele Macciocchi
University of Utah

Paul Madsen
Warrington College of Business

Kevin Markle
Michigan State University

Antonio Marra
Universitá Bocconi

Giovanna Michelon
University of Bristol

Martin Nienhaus
Goethe University Frankfurt

Reining Petacchi
Georgetown University

Jochen Pierk
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Kristina Rennekamp
Cornell University

Sugata Roychowdhury
Northwestern University

Dirk Schindler
Norwegian School of Economics

Martin Simmler
Saïd Business School

Shiwon Song

Lorien Stice-Lawrence
University of Southern California

Phillip C. Stocken
Tuck School of Business

Erin Towery
University of Georgia

Aljosa Valentincic
University of Ljubljana

Alfred Wagenhofer
University of Graz

Michael Welker
Smith School of Business

Teri Lombardi Yohn
Emory University Goizueta Business School

Benjamin Yost
Carroll School of Management

Eric Zwick
Chicago Booth


Short-term guests have visited the TRR 266 for just one or a few days – for example as presenters in the TRR 266 Seminar Series that is an integral part of the local seminar series at the participating universities. Apart from researchers, practitioners and policymakers also regularly visit us to share their knowledge during the TRR 266 lecture series. You can find an overview about all our previous and future short-term guests on our events page.

Visitor Opportunities Open Call for Guests

Our Mercator Fellows Interviews

Participating Institutions

TRR 266‘s main locations are Paderborn University (Coordinating University), HU Berlin, and University of Mannheim. All three locations have been centers for accounting and tax research for many years. They are joined by researchers from LMU Munich, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Goethe University Frankfurt, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and University of Cologne who share the same research agenda.

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