Researcher of the Month

Our dedicated researchers have diverse backgrounds and (research) interests yet strive for the same goal: answering the question how accounting and taxation affect firm and regulatory transparency, and how regulation and transparency impact our economy and society. Each month we will introduce one of our researchers, who will tell more about his/her research and experiences. In four years, we will have painted the full picture of the people behind our research.

*The articles reflect the opinion of the respective researchers and not necessarily the views of the TRR 266. As a scientific association, the TRR 266 is committed to both freedom of speech and political neutrality.

December 2022
Dirk Simons

“With the GBP, we contributed to open the black box of firms . We examine business-related questions that would have remained unanswered without this data.” Read more

October 2022
Joachim Gassen

"We would be very happy if we could establish the open science idea within the accounting and tax community and beyond – and make open collaboration the norm in order to do things better together." Read more

July 2022
Katharina Nicolay

"Most of my research projects are very close to burning tax policy issues. I want to make a difference by providing regulators and policy-makers with relevant findings." Read more

May 2022
Jannis Bischof

"We hope to contribute to better regulation – a benefit for economy and society alike and, of course, for each company." Read more

February 2022
Deborah Schanz

"Research that makes a difference does not emerge in a vacuum, it deals with the pressing problems." Read more

December 2021
Regina Ortmann

“With our research we can contribute to a better understanding of entrepreneurial reactions on the global tax reform.” Read more

November 2021
Laurence van Lent

"Accounting can contribute significantly to solve some of the big problems of our time – in its own unique way: by dealing with transparency questions as well as through measurement." Read more

October 2021
Stefan Reichelstein,

“We focus on how the transition to a decarbonized energy future can be accelerated and try to find out what incentives are needed to make that happen.” Read more

August 2021
Christian Hofmann

"We need to show young people how exciting research in business administration can be" Read more

June 2021
Reeyarn Li

"We are developing a new approach to make the transparency of textual financial disclosures measurable." Read more

May 2021
Michael Ebert

"Together we can systematically work on a superior topic of great social relevance and from many different angles." Read more

April 2021
Ralf Maiterth

"In the Collaborative Research Center, we deliberately address issues that affect real-life to provide important insights for policy and practice." Read more

March 2021
Anna Rohlfing-Bastian

"We developed a model that allows for long-term investment decisions using accounting information." Read more

February 2021
Jens Müller

"We can support evidence-based discussions about tax adjustments or reforms." Read more

January 2021
Johannes Voget

"As a scientific network, we can play a mediating role between politics and companies.“ Read more

December 2020
Per Olsson PhD

"Our new study is another example of how research can inform on important issues with bearing on practice and policy – even if it deals with extreme methodological issues." Read more

September 2020
Sönke Sievers

"Our research can provide empirical evidence in current discussions." Read more

August 2020
Anja Schöttner

"I see our work within the TRR 266 as an opportunity to increase public trust in science – countering a social development that is currently emerging." Read more

July 2020
Holger Daske

"With our findings we would like to contribute to a more precise language of business to ensure that international accounting standards are easily comprehensible for users worldwide." Read more

June 2020
Martin Jacob

"With our research we can […] explain how certain tax policy decisions work and whether and why they are necessary." Read more

May 2020
Katharina Hombach

“….I am particularly intrigued by the question how information influences economic activity. The underlying mechanisms of action are usually not obvious. “ Read more

April 2020
Ulf Brüggemann

“…I see it as our obligation to provide insights to the real world that help understand and perhaps improve the complex processes our society relies on.” Read more

March 2020
Thorsten Sellhorn

“The flow of information between practice and science is never a one-way street, but always a giving and taking. Not only we benefit from this exchange, but the firms and regulators also do.” Read more

February 2020
Urska Kosi

“I believe that our research could have a great impact on our society – for example in terms of regulation.” Read more

December 2019
Benedikt Franke

“There is no relevance without rigor” Read more

Participating Institutions

TRR 266‘s main locations are Paderborn University (Coordinating University), HU Berlin, and University of Mannheim. All three locations have been centers for accounting and tax research for many years. They are joined by researchers from LMU Munich, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Goethe University Frankfurt, University of Cologne and Leibniz University Hannover who share the same research agenda.

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