Central Administrative Project

The Central Administrative Project Z contributes to the success of the CRC in three ways. First, it administers the CRC in terms of budgeting and organization. Second, it co-organizes (with a team at a CRC location) the annual CRC conference and, together with C03, an annual outreach event for the interested public (non-CRC academics, practitioners, regulators, politicians, and NGOs). Third, it monitors CRC output and evaluates the efficiency of its internal structure. The monitoring is based on insights from A02 on innovative teamwork structures and B03 on organizational transparency effects. In addition, it uses data provided by the Open Science Data Center (C02) to assess research output. Also, it regularly surveys CRC members about their views and cooperates with C02 to develop informative measures for research impact. We use these insights to enhance our inter-location communications and workflows, feeding back into project Z by improving the organizational infrastructure (including the CRC’s early career and gender measures). We also view the CRC as a case study of the effects of transparency on multilocational research management.

Beteiligte Institutionen

Die Hauptstandorte vom TRR 266 sind die Universität Paderborn (Sprecherhochschule), die HU Berlin und die Universität Mannheim. Alle drei Standorte sind seit vielen Jahren Zentren für Rechnungswesen- und Steuerforschung. Hinzu kommen Wissenschaftler der LMU München, der Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, der Universität zu Köln und der Leibniz Universität Hannover, die die gleiche Forschungsagenda verfolgen.